Flame Scanner Sensor


Explosion Proof


  Standard Explosion Proof
Type & Model NBFSS-2(3)**-U (Ultraviolet)
NBFSS-2(3)**-I (Infrared)
NBFSS-2(3)**-UI (UV & IR)
NBFSS-2(3)**-V (Visible Light)
NBFSS-EX2(3)**-U (Ultraviolet)
NBFSS-EX2(3)**-I (Infrared)
NBFSS-EX2(3)**-UI (UV & IR)
NBFSS-EX2(3)**-V (Visible Light)
Mounting 1"PTF 1"PTF with Coupling
Material AL6061 with Anodizing Stainless Steel
Electrical Connection Plug Type 5-Pin MS Connector Thread PF1/2" or NPT1/2"
Ingress Protection NEMA4X, IP66 Ex d IIC T6, IP66
Dimension 126mm Long by 49 Diameter 151mm Long by 59 Diameter
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg 1.2 kg
Spectral Range Ultraviolet, 190~550nm
Infrared, 800~1700nm
UV & IR, 190~1000nm filtered 400~700nm
Visible Light, 330~720nm
Power / Output 12VDC supplied by Amplifier / 2~6mA
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ 75℃ (Max. 80℃)
Humidity 0~95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Cooling(Purge) Air Consumption 5SCFM(8.5Nm3/h) at 6"W.C(0.015bar) above windbox pressure


Swivel Mount

  • Sensor Connection PT1", Stainless Steel
    (Specify Mounting size as request)


  • Socket Type 5-Pin MS Connector with Shielded Cable 1.5mm2x4C and Adaptor for 1/2" Flexible conduit (Specify Cable Length)

Installation Materials

  • Female Tee PT1"xPT1/2", Cast Iron (Stainless Steel by option)
  • Hex Nipple PT1", Cast Iron (Stainless Steel by option)
  • Ball Valve PT1", Cast Iron (Stainless Steel by option)
  • Cable Gland PF1/2" (Explosion Proof only)
  • Heatsink or Thermal Isolator

Outline & Dimension

Standard Housing

Explosion Proof Housing